David C. from N.C. Says:

"Very durable product! Happy to have the brushes I need for the job in one place."

Mike L. from New York Says:

" Thanks for the tote! Saw this on a jobsite with a co-worker and decided to get one for myself. Works great!"

Lisa N. from S.C. Says:

"Love this thing! My work vehicle has so much stuff in it that it was difficult to locate the proper brush for the job.  Now I can find them  easily since they're in one spot. I place the tote in the passenger side floorboard. I take it into the house I am working on and bring them home daily. Thanks again!"

John H. from S.C. Says:

" I have been searching for something like this for a while. I like being organized and this is the perfect accessory for my brushes."

David M. from S.C. says:

" I had to buy 2 of these because I have too many brushes! I use one for interior brushes and one for exterior and dusters. Works like a charm! My helpers see mine and want one too. Lol"

Joey S. from S.C. says :

" I was a bit skeptical of the material but once receiving it I was pleasantly surprised! Very nice Tote! Can't live without it now. My friend wants one now too. Thank you!"