About Us

Why A Brush Tote?


The Brush Tote is a paintbrush accessory tool  intended to keep paintbrushes organized. On most jobs, more than just one paintbrush is used. Searching for the correct brush in your vehicle or in a catch all tool bucket is time consuming. With The Brush Tote, you carry in several paintbrushes and have a variety of paintbrushes all in the same location.  When you leave the job for the day, you leave with all of the paintbrushes and paintbrush covers you came in with!  

The Brush Tote can hold 3 inch brushes and below, all the way down to a 1 inch brush without falling out of The Tote even when hung open and upside down.

It does NOT get dirty, and since it IS waterproof and mildew proof, you can always wash it off at anytime. 

It is DURABLE and can be dropped on concrete with no damage.

It folds up nice and thin so it can be placed behind a seat or hung up just about anywhere.  Open The Tote to view the contents while it is hung up. 

Put LATEX brushes on one side, OIL brushes on the other side or INTERIOR and EXTERIOR. 

Get one today! You will not regret owning one. Once you get use to having one, you will be lost without it.

My Experience


I have been a custom painter for over 20 years.  I cannot count how many times I have misplaced a shuck from a brush.  The brush ends up ruined due to no protection.  That is why I created The Brush Tote.  It keeps the brushes and the covers in one central location.  Now you can go home with what you came to work with.  Simple Solution.